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The mission of Building Company No. 7 is to provide to our customers the highest quality workmanship as Remodeling Contractors working on private homes

Building Company No. 7 - Framework At Building Company Number 7 our customers are our top priority. Our greatest asset is our staff, who are trained and skilled professionals.

Matt Millsap , founder, brings over 15 years of residential and commercial construction experience to the company. His focus on process and customer satisfaction is unmatched in this industry. Our ability to work together to achieve the goals of our company and our clients is paramount to the success of your project. The quality for which we strive is always matched with safety and concern for our clients, our employees, and the people that affect our lives and work everyday. To us "just good enough" is not good enough.

Building Company No. 7 - Jeremy Glenn

Jeremy Glenn brings over 10 years in commercial and residential construction experience to the table. As our lead estimator and project manager, his positive attitude and intimate knowledge of construction and processes will guide you thru your project with confidence and peace of mind.

Paul Jarrell , our lead trim carpenter, has over 10 years of fine carpentry skills with him. Paul is in his element when the sawdust is flying and nail guns are a popping. His precision and attention to detail continue to astonish our customers.

Chris Casey, lead carpenter, has worked along side of Paul for the past decade. His careful and intentional approach brings quality and fluidity to every job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you use subcontractors or do all of your work "in house"?
A. We maintain our own in-house staff of skilled journeyman carpenters. We also employ an array of competent subcontractor forces. To this end, we work hand in hand with our clientele on the building portions of the project, thus realizing to the client a complete turnkey service of responsibility. We use only licensed and bonded electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors. We believe that certain areas are better handled by a professional tradesmen who do the work day in and day out. This ability and our reputation, affords the homeowner to rely on one entity for source and service, quality control and the completeness your new home or new home improvement will deserve.. Our contractors are dedicated to providing each and every homeowner with the same courtesy and professionalism that they deserve and we demand.

Q. Are you licensed and insured?
A. Yes. We are licensed and bonded with the state of Tennessee. Additionally we carry workmen's comp insurance and general liability. Law requires both these. We will generally issue a certificate to the homeowner at the start of the project. Tennessee requires a license for any project over $3000.00. While a permit is not always required for every job, a license is. We will help determine if a permit is or is not required. If it is we will handle all the formalities with the governing municipality.

Q. What is the Cost?
A. Remodeling is an important venture in a world where things are expensive. Building Company Number 7 removes the mystery and the risk by giving you an upfront, reliable budget so you know exactly how much it will cost to do it right.

Q. Can I Afford You?
A. A better question may be, "Can I afford the wrong choice?" The affordable choice is do the job once, the right way, and have the work provide lasting value for many, many years. We know the answers because we're the experts. We're proud to give you knowledge guided performance, and clients confirm that we're worth it. Do you choose qualified and experienced professionals for your health care? Choose Building Company Number 7 for your home care and protect your investment.

Some of Our Best Clients are the Ones Who DIDN'T Use Us
We have heard back from clients who experienced sticker shock and chose a less experienced company. They wound up paying more because of mistakes and multiple change orders. They did not get what Building Co. No. 7 delivers everyday: Excellence.

Correcting Mistakes Costs More Than Doing it Right the First Time
Get it right the first time by making wise and sustainable choices for long-term value. We do it the right way. Our knowledge-guided performance delivers value to you.

Your Time is Worth More Than What a Project Costs
Our comprehensive service saves you time and money. We detail every aspect of your project in writing, determine what it will cost, and give you exactly what you signed on for. It's an honest and simple process, and its rarity is what makes it so valuable. We provide a service: we take care of you and your home. We know it's a huge investment, so we make sure you get value for every penny. We build standards of improvement.

Q. Can you give me a ball park figure?
A. No. Every job is unique. Every estimate is unique. Therefore, giving out a guess is just that. A guess. We are not in the business of guessing. That would be a disservice to you and us. We do not want to set up false expectations about price. If we can take the time to sit down and figure the true cost of your unique job, we all win.

Q. Can you just patch it for now?
A. We realize that sometimes budgets can be tight. A patch is temporary. It can be peeled away. We want a permanent solution to your repair. Patching means someone will have to come back later and fix it again. When we put our name on anything, we want to be proud of it. Can anyone be proud of a patch? Even if it's good , some one winds up losing.

We believe in honesty, integrity, and being up front with you about your project. Building Company No 7 does not come to your home with the sole intent of getting a signature to make some sales quota. Unlike the "other guys," Building Company No. 7 understands that you have invited us into your home as a guest to help you make good choices. The only way you can make an informed, intelligent decision, is to have someone who truly cares about you and will provide honest and unprejudiced information. Our company continuously strives to be the best remodeling company in the area. With over 25 years experience in fine carpentry and general contracting, we are seasoned to execute projects of any scale. Our energetic and collaborative approach makes each remodeling experience dynamic - for both our own team and for our clients.


If you are looking for a professional Nashville brick masonry contractor, then please call us today at 615.785.9029 or complete our online request form.

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